Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday - Punch List & Memo to Italian Winemakers

A few at your own risk.

-Wine is still made in the vineyard.

-Wood barriques are on the wane.

-The coastal Tuscans still think they are in California.

-The inland Tuscans are more provincial about wine tastes than one might imagine

-While the US will probably become the largest market for Italy, maybe even larger than their domestic market, it probably will not include all the indigenous grape wines. So the Merlot and Cab and PG and Chianti and so on will grow, while the auchtochtono will be a challenge, even while interest in that area is growing.

- Sicily is a strong #3 for production, as long as the pricing doesn't go crazy.

- The US market will get more generic as quality of entry level wines continue to improve.

-Falanghina will be the southern Italian white that grows in the low end, Fiano in the high end.

-Wine consultants will downplay their role while continuing to push for MOx'd and cryo-mace'd in the production of inexpensive wines (although the pricing might not reflect that reality).

-Large retailers in the US will ape the Australian model when it comes to their exclusive labels; i.e. , Euro$2.30 a bottle ex cellar = 9.99 retail (at a minimum).

-$80.00+ SuperTuscan “internationals” will go the way of barrique aged Barberas. Inotherwords, they will be going away.

-Sicilians will get a major lesson in line extensions in the next 3 years. They will not be trading in their Ferraris every 2-3 years.

-America is going green and organic and simple. Less is more, small is beautiful, voluntary simplicity will be the new gold coast for wine marketers.

-Trendy oggi - finished domani.

-Young people will want simple, affordable, easy to digest wines that will fit their low-carbon imprint aspirations. Don't come to work the market with your $400.00 dolce and gabbana shades and expect a lot of sympathy (or co-operation) when you continue to raise prices to subsidize a trendy, materialistic and self
centered narcissistic lifestyle. America is entering a new age of austerity, with or without your wines.

-Start talking to the old people of your country before they die. Get their stories, learn their ways. Park your Vespa.

And cross check.

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De Vino said...

well said Alfonso.
It's not time for vacche grase no more and unless China starts to drink good wine I can see a dark period for the 3 bicchieri wines.

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