Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday on the Wine Trail ~ in Pictures

Yes, it's been a Monday to remember. Or not.

It started out with a semi-dry sparkling rose' blend of Nebbiolo and Semillion from Uruguay...I am not kidding. Then on to an Arriloba and then a Malbec, all done up in Gaucho-Style. Organico.Biologico.Ecologico. A Biodynamic, bolo-throwing, steer-wrassling, Gaucho wine! Dang, I needed that. (I really must have slipped back into a Southern Star Twilight Zone.)

As if that weren't enough, we were bestowed the latest in German High Kulture Wine Marketing, just in time for the holidays. What have we here? A white Gluhwein that someone is marketing to little girls. An amaretto and rum flavored Punsch whose target audience used to work for the Kaiser? And a new-age mother-and-child-reunion sparkling Liebfraumilch...umm-umm good...

Yes, It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Note: I might take a week off from the blog-o-sphere, soon. Gotta go get some batteries in far-away land. I'll be back.

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a.c.t said...

You know I really love lightly fizzy red wine but I can't seem to see any in the supermarkets in the UK. Do you happen to know of any I could get my hands on?

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