Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wine Harvest Wednesday

In the Northern Hemisphere the grape harvest is in full swing. Initial results seem to have a good harvest in store for 2006. Abruzzo producers tell me the 2006 will be better for them than 2004 or 2005. Producers in Tuscany, although there was some spotty rain, seem to think the harvest is healthy and they appear to be excited. The Sicilians are happy, as are the producers in Campania. The cycle is in motion.

Heard about an interesting development last night. In Abruzzo there is a depression press that one of the producers has come up with. Without the use of a bladder, the grapes are settled into their press. The air is removed from it, causing a vacuum and the grapes press themselves. The pressure can be regulated so they don’t damage themselves. Folks from there are excited about this new invention. Supposedly, it makes for more delicate aroma’s in the whites and gentler tannins in the reds. I hope to hear more about this. It has been called pressa depressione and pressa sottovuoto. A far cry from the Egyptians!

It's curious how I am coming into contact with things like that and folks who are harvesting by the cycles of the moon and other folks who are looking hard at biodynamic, but when I go into the offices of the wine company, I see a plethora of “created wines”, wines made up with crazy labels and some unusual packaging. There is a gap between the makers and the marketers. Maybe we can sort this out in the next generation. One thing for sure, as long as folks are talking about wine, it will continue to evolve, On the Wine Trail in Italy....

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