Monday, May 29, 2006

Sicily ~ Memories, Dreams and Reflections

Sicily shelters many memories, like an ancient version of my early California days. Warmth, sunshine, seaside, fresh fruit and lively wines. In many ways these two places are so alike, in their feel. When you scratch the surface though, Sicily is a multi layered cake.

This isn’t going to be a wine posting per se. Memories around the wines and memories before the time I was even on the planet. Where do they come from? Why do I remember an ancient Greek temple but forget the book I read a year ago?

A glass of fresh red wine, Cerasuolo di Vittoria, on a patio by the shade of a palm tree, where I heard my Grandmother singing and cooking and my grandfather watering the plants, the aromas of oregano and basilico washing my senses with light and vigor.
A picnic out in the country with my Aunt Vitina and Uncle Peppino, fresh rice croquets, arancini, a slice of caciocavallo cheese, some sparkling mineral water mixed with the vigorous Sicilian red wine from the cantina, cool and spicy ….

Scurrying around the Sicilian countryside in Zio Peppino’s Cinquecento, stopping to take a picture or get some fresh eggs or olive oil, in this tiny little car pressing on the landscape at a speed that only now seems impossibly wonderful.

On the way home a stop at an old friend’s winery…littered with Ferraris and Fiats, barrels and bottles, we’ve stopped for some Marsala and dessert, little capi duzzi di ricotta with a Marsala Riserva Superiore 10 year.

We are rolling out of an ancient winery, (was this a dream or a memory?) and come upon this sign painted in the time of Mussolini. Now appearing like an ancient fresco found at Piazza Armerina, in Italian it said, chi non beve mai vino e un agnello, chi ne beve giusto e un leone, chi ne beve tropp e un suino” (He who drinks no wine is a lamb, he who drinks moderately is a lion, he who drinks too much is a pig.)
On the way back to Palermo there is a scene , two country Sicilian men, from the turn of the century standing by their Carro Siciliano. I remember this clearly but was I there at the time the picture was taken, was I even alive in those days? But it is a fond memory nonetheless, even if it is from an ill tempered time machine gone mad in reverse.


Travel Italy said...

I love the cinquecento! Sicily is truly a marvelous place with some great foods, wines and people!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Alfonso, how very much I enjoyed reading your blog. So much better than most. Maybe because I could relate to everything you focused on in Sicily. Congratulations!
Renie Steves

Unknown said...

AC, fantastic images as usual.

Anonymous said...

Alfonso, great stuff! I am very jealous of your adventure and also of your writing style. Drink like a lion!

Anonymous said...

This is the guy who you took to Colorado Springs reporting in from weekend in Santa Fe. You've got a great blog; I'm not surprised!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog today. I like it very much. You have a nice writing style, and the things you write about, oh my.

Tracie P. said...

i can't wait to experience sicily, but for now i am happy taste it! what a poetic entry :)

Anonymous said...

Alfonso- Bravo!
I enjoyed the feel and the warmth to your passage in Sicily.
I look forward to your next entry.
All the best,

Anonymous said...


this is pretty cool!

Marco said...

Thanks for the Sicilian sun. It's my siren island. I saw Sicily in your about and went to the post.

Anonymous said...


Your writing is like a work of art. I enjoyed reading this piece on Sicily. Brought back such wonderful memories .. about the times that I was there to visit family. All of a sudden I want to be there again. Good Work!

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