Friday, February 21, 2020

Wine Tariffs Update

We’re sure to hear more about this in the coming months – it’s far from over. And there is a lot of emotion over this subject. I once heard Bucky Fuller say in front of a group, “You put all the politicians in a spaceship for a trip around the sun, and in six months, nobody would notice they’re gone. You put all the farmers in that spaceship instead, and in six months, we all starve.”

Wine isn’t essential for life. But for wine growers, it is. They are being punished, along with all the folks along the supply chain.

My latest piece [HERE] in the Dallas News lays out how I see the tariffs at present for the consumer. It is a follow up to an initial piece I did last month [HERE], which came on the heels of a piece I did for this blog [HERE].

For what it's worth, I am 100%+ against these tariffs. Period.

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