Friday, August 08, 2014

10 Years of Texsom ~ 2005-2014

It was the winter of 2004-5. We were sitting at a table, myself with Guy Stout, Drew Hendricks and James Tidwell. I hadn’t yet started this blog. Guy, Drew and James were months away from becoming master sommeliers. And they were kicking around this idea about starting a conference to encourage wine professionals from around Texas to become more involved in wine, in attaining certifications and in being better at their trade. That’s how I remember it all starting. Ten years later, Texsom is huge. Drew and James are still running the thing, but there has been a quantum leap in the quality, the engagement and the momentum of Texas wine professionalism and, indeed, wine professionalism from all over the country. Now there are scores of master sommeliers, masters of wine and other highly engaged folks from the wine trade who invade Texas at the peak of summer, to teach, to learn and to enjoy what it is about wine that attracted us to it in the first place.

Texsom 2014 is underway. Everyone who can is coming. It's hotter than hell in Dallas. And it's gonna get even hotter. 

A few pictures from the last ten years. Bravo Drew, James and Guy and to everyone else who helped start this great event off in 2005, and has kept it going. As we say in Italy, cent’anni!

2005 - Paul Roberts MS

2006 - DC Flynt MW

2007 - Guy Stout MS

2008 - Austin - Guy, James and Drew

2009 - Southfork

2010 - James, Drew ( and Guy)

2011 - Raj Parr and Serge Hochar

2013 - Devon Broglie MS and Craig Collins MS

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