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♫ Blame it on the Cosa Nosta ♫

An arrest is made in Montalcino - a lone man acting in revenge against Soldera

Screen shot from the Daily Beast

Soldera saga unfolds in an unfettered and unfiltered manner.

This story by Barbie Latza Nadeau really cuts to the bone. Recommended reading. No punches pulled. And no words of mafia (or mafioso) involvement, nor “the money behind big Italian wine” uttered in the story. How refreshing to see someone actually took the time to see who really did this. Journalism isn’t dead.

There are some real doozies in this piece, quite juicy and tasty ones. Some of the quotes below. Please refer to the whole story HERE. Nice work, Ms. Nadeau.

“He was an angry man who knew exactly what he was doing,”

“It was an act of unthinkable revenge.”

Di Grisi apparently did not hide his anger, nor was he alone in his hatred for Soldera.

Many people apparently knew Di Grisi was planning revenge, but because the winemaker was not well-liked in the village, it appears that no one tried to stop him.

Simply put, there was no love lost on Soldera. “He is a hated man in Montalcino,” Franco Zillani, who has chronicled the case on his blog Vino al Vino told The Daily Beast.

In fact, the news reports in the days after the destruction of Soldera’s wine painted a picture of a dysfunctional little village where some of Italy’s greatest winemakers lived in disharmony, and more importantly, where it was plausible that someone could do something so unthinkable as destroy six vintages of wine.

“The light shown on this little village exposed an ugly side of life,” said Ziliani. “But it’s the real truth and that’s what it is really like in Montalcino.”

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