Sunday, July 24, 2011

On the Wine Trail in Italy Canada

Off the grid for a glorious week. No cell phone. No Internet. No twittering nabobs of negativity. No Facebook. What we did get in return was a life in Nature that we needed so very much. Indeed it is hard to be back home in Texas, in the heat and the mean times. Is that all there is? For us, it isn’t. And a week is darn short time to recharge. But we will forge ahead, onward, through the fog and the haze of war.

90 minutes North of Victoria, on Vancouver Island, we set out to hang it all up for a week. Traded the “tweets” for the trail, the “follows” for the eagles. Foraged for some of our own food, ate crab fresh out of the water, shrimp, salmon, drank BC wines (some from Italians), made some new friends and, by golly, we will go back!

Yeah, I know, you’re sitting on front of the screen reading this and saying to yourself, “Sure, they just got back from a great vacation, yeah, yeah. They’ll get caught back up into the swirl of life in the city.” Maybe we will.

But I have to tell anyone who will read these words - the moment we stepped on a path and headed out into the ancient woods or traversed a trail by the Pacific Ocean, my mind cleared up, my breathing slowed, my smile returned and I was so doggone happy to be there. Peace – Nature – Life – yeah, I’m going back – soon.

Until then, and probably for the next week or so, I will harangue you all with pictures and words and dreams and an occasional whine and a story or two about some Italians who came from Modena and the Veneto and settled down on the island and are making some nice quaffs – we drank only BC wines the whole time and we sampled some cool and unusual offerings.

But, I want to stretch out this vacation, so bear with me for the next week or so and I will drop some images, and hopes, between the lines. Keep the fire burning just a little longer.

Thanks for reading – did you miss me?

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