Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Palmento dinner with Robert Camuto and Sharon Hage at Jimmy's in Dallas

...with a little Sicilian photo lagniappe for dessert at the end

Palmento author, Robert Camuto with chef Sharon Hage under the Sicilian trinacria

Short and sweet. Last night in Dallas at Jimmy’s in old east Dallas, there was a confluence, lets say a trinacria, of wine and food. And we were all the richer and happier for it. Robert Camuto was in town to talk about his new book on Sicily, Palmento. Sharon Hage was in town back for a spell from New York. And Paul Di Carlo and the Jimmy’s family were in ‘da house. And the place was filled with book lovers, Sicilian romantics, great wine great words and the food – out of this world!

Pictures – captions – self-guided tour – with a little lagniappe, the Alfonso “way-back machine” going back to 1971 and Sicily when it really was feral. If you live long enough all these things become historical. Anyway, talk amongst yourselves: eat drink, love, write - breathe.

A huge thanks to Michael Sutton for pressing for this event – without you Michael it wouldn’t have happened

Thanks to everyone: Robert, Sharon, Matt, Paul Mike, Mary, Rebecca, Jeff, Joe, Tom and anyone else I have nor mentioned. Oh, and sorry again to the gent that I dropped that bottle of Delila on.

Palmento author, Robert Camuto signing his brilliant new book

Mary Di Carlo and Sharon Hage doing what they do so very, very well

Paul Di Carlo passing out apps

Chefs Sharon Hage and Matt Balke on the soup line

Michael Sutton (L) and friend. Michael spearheaded this event

"Palmenti" under the Etna mural at Jimmy's

Sharon Hage's Orzo with pancetta and rabbit and wild greens from "out back"

The wine to go with it? Planeta Cerasuolo di Vittoria - one of 59 Italian DOCG's

Sharon Hage's Lamb with Cauliflower/Mashed Potatoes and Mint

The wine to go with it? The absolutely marvelous Nero D'Avola from micro winery La Lumia

Gorgonollis - cannoli stuffed with Gorgonzola - Mary DiCarlo's surprise cheese course @ Palmento dinner - brilliant!

Some of the folks who made this Palmento dinner possible: Robert Camuto, author, Sharon Hage, chef, Paul DiCarlo, proprietor of Jimmy's, and Matt Balke, chef

The way-back machine - Sicily 1971

Sicily - August 1971

Agrigento 1971

Zia Vitina and Zio Peppino 1971

Palermo - entrance to La Vucciria - 1971

Mondello 1971

Catacombe dei Cappuccini Palermo 1971

Zia Vitina with reflection of ancient temple - 1971

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