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A few comments from people about On The Wine Trail in Italy


"The beat poet laureate of winedom." - Ole Udsen

"@italianwineguy is the most pensive commentator on Italian wine, excuse me, wine full stop, that I know." Walter Speller Nov 2017

"In my honest opinion, there are very few people writing about Italian wine they way Alfonso Cevola does. Whenever I think, 'God, I am so bored with what people say about Italian wine and wine blogs with their boring tasting notes,' Alfonso comes up with another piece..." - Sarah May Grunwald - Founder and Owner at Taste Georgia

Alfonso Cevola's deep knowledge of Italian wine history informs every post he writes. -Ray Isle - Food & Wine Magazine Oct 2015

Antonio Galloni ‏@AntonioGalloni
"@italianwineguy It's always great to read you! Love the photos. @drinktothatpod"

Tweets - From the 2014 Symposium for Professional Wine Writers in Napa Valley:

"I’m surprised Alfonso Cevola has not been approached with a book deal yet. His knowledge of Italian wine is encyclopedic. His voice is one-of-a-kind. Whether he’s decoding Italian wine laws or pontificating on “Tuscan Superiority Complex,” Cevola’s writing is infectious." - Jessica Yadegaran, Contra Costa Times, MercuryNews.com

"You are blessed with a gift of astute perception and a wonderfully romantic mind." - John Mariani - Villa Banfi

"you are too clever by half."
"you do capture the magic. "
"always fun to read." - Regina Schrambling

"I'll be following you....."
"It's a fun read.loved the blog on pizza." -Michael Bauer

"I have been reading your blog for the past few weeks and have really taken an interest in what you have to say. I look forward to the new posts each time they come out. Keep up the great work! "-AJ Vaynerchuk- vaynermedia

"You are definitely the Italian wine guy." Alder Yarrow - Vinography

"You're a standard setter" - Evan Dawson
New York Cork Report and author of Summer in a Glass

The first time I read "On the Wine Trail in Italy" I wasn't sure why I liked it. But I kept on reading. And now I look forward to reading whatever Alfonso writes. Unlike the vast majority of bloggers, he has a strong and unique voice; he fills us with his words. So, really, he's a ventriloquist and we are his dummies. - Ron Washam, HMW

"only God could inspire that kind of writing" - Iris Burnett - We're Just Sayin

"Just read a few posts, nice work! Keep it up! Congrats you have done a great job here"- Gary Vaynerchuk 

"I am a regular reader of your blog, On the Wine Trail in Italy. Your blog writing and pictures are unique and fantastic.-Rich @wineimbiber.com

"We so appreciate your Web site and the entire "virtual wine community" that is helping to create and nurture wine lovers " -Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

"I really must say you write one of the most delightful blogs on the net. Whenever I visit I am taken by its grace and beauty. Truly wonderful work." - Ken Payton- Reign of Terroir

On the Wine Trail in Italy is one of the web’s premier wine travel blogs .The blogs serves as a journal of the author’s travels to various vineyards throughout Italy as well as dealings abroad. Cevola’s writing is creative, poetic, thoughtful, and worth reading for anyone with a general interest in the international culture of wine. -Guide to Culinary Schools "50 wine blogs to please your palate"

Now THIS is some funny shizzle , Muzzle me timbers! - Anonymous

Alfonso is the Yoda of wine bloggers. Notice his green profile photo. Coincidence? I don't think so.
Ron Washam aka Hosemaster

I do, on occasion, read Alfonso’s blog “On and On and On and On and On and On the Wine Trail in Italy.” Alfonso must have been Dante in a previous life, and is now being punished. But you never know what he’s going to say or how he’s going to say it, and that makes for compelling prose. I can hardly wait to read his English language version. Ron Washam aka Hosemaster

Beautiful and so thoughtful... as always. -Samantha Dugan

Patty, you are so right: Alfonso is tops in the writing dept. - Thomas Pellechia

Holy smokes, fire and brimstone, you can write A.  Best post I've read anywhere in a month, or more. - Genevelyn Steele Swallows

With wonderful words and photographs, you always manage to remind me how much I love Italy - Tony McClung

Thank Dionysius that there are people like you in the business. It's not all product and margins and profits.- Marco Romano

Probably the best wine writer on the planet (and he doesn’t charge a cent for it) is Alfonso Cevola - Anthony Danna

Alfonso knows more about Italian wine than almost anyone -- and that's no mean feat, given how difficult Italian wine is. - Jeff Siegel, the Wine Curmudgeon

Beautiful. You are a seer. - Ole Udsen

"Thank you, Alfonso, for the pleasure your blog has steadily given me." - Tom Maresca
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