Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pippo, We Hardly Knew Ye: In Memory of Philip di Belardino

The world is a little less safe for Italian wine today. Dear friend Philip di Belardino has left us.

A tireless ambassador for all things Italian, always with a smile, a joke and a way to reach even the most morose of us, Philip, “Pippo” to his friends, will be missed. I have a hole in my heart.

There will be more stories coming out in the days to come. But for now I just have the warmth of memories of a son of Italy; a man who lived for others, always the giver, always the one with an overflowing cup of love and friendship.

Happy trails, amico.

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andrea sartori said...

Ciao Alfonso

I am very very sad for Filippo one of my dearest friend for more than 30 years , he was a great supporter of our wines and our country , the world of wine will be very different withour hie sense of humor and talen , he will remain in our heart forever

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this remembrance of a wise, funny and generous man. Filippo touched many lives, and will be greatly missed.
Thomas Matthews

Brian Larky said...

So True. Filippo was such a dear, generous, giving friend, so inclusive and a true ambassador for Italy and her wines. A mentor to many, but also irreverent and funny as hell.

Unknown said...

It is a sad day now that Philip di Belardino, a friend for over 40 years has passed on. He was a true champion of things Italian as well as all things humane. "Wine is Food, Food is Wine" was his famous quote. We will all miss you. See you on the other side.

Dave Buchanan said...

Thanks, AC, for this remembrance of Pippo. A gracious, giving man with a love for humanity and wine that knew no bounds. My brief friendship with him was all too short.
Noi lo ricordiamo con grande affetto.

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