Friday, August 03, 2007

Ziff & Dale ~ ' Taint Necessarily So

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Ziff’s “true story", as told after hours, over a partial bottle of Monfortino.

One night this week a table ordered a bottle of Opus 1 and a bottle of white Zinfandel. We really only have the white Zin around for people who feel pressure to not order ice tea, and want to be seen drinking wine, like all the rest of the ones in their party.

Well this old cat, with a young hottie dangling from his wallet, was in the place, sucking up the Opus with his rich and famous entourage. The hottie was about 6’1” and all put together like she just rolled off the Mattel assembly line. Anyway, she gets "Money" to order her up a bottle of the white Zin. Next thing you know she’s asking for some crushed ice. Surprised she didn’t want a straw, or one of those little pink umbrellas.

The table was dripping with trust fund babies. Money was being dropped on another bottle of Pahlmeyer, another bottle of Dunn. This was going to be a 5 grand tab, easily.

And then it got away from me. While I was in the back preparing a decanter for another bottle a Big Red for Old, Rich Stud & Co., someone in the party decided it would be fun to make sangria with one of the big reds and the white Zin. After all there was ice and it was their money, right?

There they were, all laughing about how fantastic an idea it was, like going to Ibiza without having to fire up the G-500.

Fortunately for them, the decanter they poured the white Zin into was an older bottle of Napa Cab from a winery that had problems with TCA taint. It was a minor problem for this bottle. But at $700 a bottle, about 30 minutes worth of jet fuel cost for the corporate jet these folks weren’t hopping to Ibiza, big deal.

Money, it’ll make ya do stupid things, especially here in Glitter Gulch.


Travel Italy said...

too funny!

jenny said...

Oh my. I haven't been near a bottle of white zin in a very long time. "Sangria"...well, well.

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