Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In The Dark over Wine Tourism? Here's a Flashlight!

A site I recently came upon that might be interesting to the wine tourist, Great Wine Capitals . This is an informative portal for information about wine tourism. I have ranted, from time to time, about these matters. These folks are treating wine tourism with an organizational set-up that is informative, easy to navigate and filled with valuable information.

I particularly like the Best of Wine Tourism area. I quote from their site, " the Great Wine Capitals Global Network awarded seven international prizes to seven particularly distinctive wineries across the world. Each award-winning winery demonstrated exceptional capability to cater for, and welcome, visitors and tourists.
Prizes were awarded in the following "Best of…" categories: accommodation; architecture; arts and culture; meetings and events; leisure & tourist attractions; parks and gardens; winery restaurants; special wineries tourism. The contest attracted many entrants, all of them situated in the heart of world-famous wine regions of the Great Wine Capitals."

Check it out! We can cry out in the darkness and wail about the lack of entree into the wine world , but when a site like this shows up, it's a light in the tunnel.
Bravo, a good step forward, a giant step for wine-kind!

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